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  • Guernica vs. “Gone with the wind”

    In the wonderful interview below (now in “Fractured Times“, Ch. 20: ‘The Avant-Garde fails’) Eric Hobsbawm argues that 1) 20th century painters retreated into areas of conceptual art and distanced themselves from representation because cinema (and before that photography) conquered their… Read More ›

  • History of Western Philosophy (Russell) : an Index

      Notes about History of Western Philosophy Role of Mathematics as a model of eternal truth, against the empirical world: 52-56, 171, 785-786 (dethrone it) Intellettualized Theology of Europe as descending from Math, p56 First ideas about evolution: Anaximander, p47… Read More ›

  • After a long time

    Diverse and multifarious transitions – I don’t know why it happens: all in a sudden, unexpected change of Weltanschauung, a mutation of my brain. Only our imagination is the barrier, “Infinite in all directions”. The posts will be dedicated to… Read More ›