Casti: Cambridge Quintet

TODO: review of John Casti “Cambridge Quintet”

Aaronson, S. Quantum Computing since Democritus
Arbib, M. and Hesse, M. The Construction of Reality
Bostrom, N. Superintelligence 1) 2)
Chaitin, G. Algorithmic Information Theory
Chaitin, G. Metamaths 1)
Changeux, J.-P. and Connes, A. Conversations on Mind, Matter, Math
Cini, M. Un Paradiso Perduto 1)
Davis, M. The Universal Computer, the Road from Leibniz to Turing 1)
Dyson, F. Disturbing the Universe
Dyson, F. Infinite in all directions 1)
Dyson, F. The Sun, the Genome and the Internet 1)
Eddington, A. 1927: Gifford Lecture
Gabor, D. Inventing the Future
Kaplan, J. Humans need not apply
Kurzweil, R. The age of spiritual machines
Kurzweil, R. How to create a Mind 1)
Levi Montalcini, R. Sapere Aude 1)
Longo, G. and Vaccaro, A. Bit Bang
Mach, E. La meccanica nel suo sviluppo storico critico
Moravec, H. Mind Children
Moravec, H. Robot: mere machine to transcend mind 1)
Nagel, E. and Newmann, J. Gödel’s Proof
Penrose, R. The Emperor’s New Mind
Penrose, R. Road to Reality (a forum)
Rovelli, C. La realta’ non e’ come ci appare
Rucker, Rudy Infinity and the Mind
Sagan, C. Cosmos 1)
Torretti, R. Relativity and Geometry
Wiener, N. Cybernetics 1) 2)
Wiener, N. God and the Golem 1)
Wiener, N. The Human Use of Human Being 1)
Zellini, P. A Brief History Of Infinity
Zellini, P. Gnomon 1)

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