Influential books after wwii

TLS 100 Most Influential Books since WW2 (list coming from here): BOOKS OF THE 1940s Simone de Beauvoir: The Second Sex (Le Deuxieme Sexe) Marc Bloch: The Historian’s Craft (Apologie pour l’historie, ou, Metier d’ historien) Fernand Braudel: The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II (La Mediterranee et le monde…

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History Bermann, Marshal All That Is Solid Melts Into Air  1) Croce, Benedetto Storia d’Europa nel secolo decimonono Friedman, Michael A Parting of the Ways:Cassirer and Heidegger Gordon, Peter Continental divide: Davos, 1929 1) Habermas, Jürgen The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity Hobsbawm, Eric Age Of Revolution – 1789 -1848 Hobsbawm, Eric Age Of Capital –…

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Spanish Civil War

The following are some suggestions coming from reading Chomsky (a more comprehensive list) Borkenau, Franz The Spanish Cockpit Brenan, Gerald The Spanish Labyrinth Broué, Pierre and Temine, E. The Revolution & War in Spain Jackson, Gabriel The Spanish Republic and the Civil War 1931-39 1) Malefakis, Edward Agrarian Reform and Peasant Revolution Peirats, J. Anarchists…

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