A trip to Georgia

Tbilisi – Georgia – sits quietly on a corner of the Caucasus, not Europe anymore, not Asia yet. The vast landscapes of solitude are beyond the barren mountains. Renaissance and Enlightenment are somehow on the other side of the Black Sea…. Read More ›

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  • Existenzminimum in Hampstead

    There was a time when Modernism‘s programmatic fracture with exhausted ways of building, dwelling, thinking was celebrated the world over. In architecture, official recognition started pouring in with the famous 1932 MOMA “International Style” exhibition (catalogue): honors followed on both sides… Read More ›

  • Digital Vanguardism: Internet Trends 2018 & Adair Turner

    CIty of London, Tate Roof View

    Apropos Digital Vanguardism, two nice pieces of information are out: [A] – Mary Meeker’s long awaited “Internet Trends 2018” report is finally out. It takes time to digest it – but well worth the effort. Main takeaways: 1. growth harder to… Read More ›

  • Apostasy

    A stuffy atmosphere pervades Kingdom Hall, the suburban assembly point for the small community of Jehovah witnesses in the magnificent ‘Apostasy’ –  the debut film by Dan Kokotajlo. With skew face closeups reminiscent of Dreyer’s Johan of Arc, and a masterful… Read More ›

  • Stillness – “can art ever be more complete, more powerful?”

    Just when one feels overwhelmed, the mind cannot stop wandering around, thinking becomes pointillist and will not rest. Here enters Mark Rothko. No need for words. Just listen to the compelling message that Simon Schama attach to this one true… Read More ›

  • “Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less” (Marie Curie)

    Quick notes jotted down after the splendid seminar / conversation between Yuval Harari (of “Homo Sapiens” and “Homo Deus” fame) and Thomas Friedman – not less well-know journalist for the NY Times – in the splendid setup of Westminster Methodist… Read More ›

  • Smart Creatives

    The best cultures are aspirational. “Over time many companies get comfortable doing what they have always done, with a few incremental changes. This kind of incrementalism leads to irrelevance over time, especially in technology, because change tends to be revolutionary… Read More ›

  • Ross: The Industries of the Future

    The importance of a book like “The industries of the future”1 by Alec Ross can hardly be overstated.  By his own admission, “This book explores the industries that will drive the next 20 years of change to our economies and societies”… Read More ›

  • Silicon Valley and Utopia

    Antonio Sant'Elia, Citta' Nuova

    In a deep contribution (“Occidente senza Utopie”, Il Mulino, 2016: see video below: Italian), Massimo Cacciari argues first that there is a substantial conceptual difference between ‘Utopia’ and ‘Prophecy’ – where the latter denotes the act of the outsider addressing the… Read More ›

  • Katharsis

    Modern art is an attempt to burst free of the constraints of tight narrative structures, a continuous effort to drill through the strictures of worn-out visual shapes, to pierce a hole into tired acoustic patterns. Modernism is an incessant subversion…. Read More ›