Il Dio dei matematici

Questa intervista al grandissimo Enrico Bombieri e’ molto profonda. A un certo punto B. dice: “Il Dio che viene dal pensiero di Gauss, così come il riferimento ‘il cielo stellato sopra di me’ di Kant, che pur non essendo un riferimento a Dio… Read More ›

Deflation of human agency

One of the premier Art Deco buildings in London, the famed Senate House (above) keeps resonating in my mind every time I wander inside it. Especially overnight. Vastly different in concept but equally capable of impressing with its geometry, the… Read More ›

“To enquire and to create”

There used to be an old concept in classical philosophy, the concept of the full and meaningful life, creative and inquisitive. German classical philosophy recovered that from the ancient Greek civilization, in particular from Ⅴ century Athens. Unfortunately, that was… Read More ›

Wiener on learning & Gödel

This is a marvellous paper by former colleague of Norbert Wiener, N. Levinson. The bibliography of his papers is here. “It is no coincidence that my first childish essay into philosophy,written when I was in high school and not yet… Read More ›

Grammars vs feedback control

There was a point in which the AI community adopted Chomsky grammars. Grammars are Cartesian universals. The other approach (N. Wiener) would have been to use feedback control system (later: stochastic control) to interpret learning. It did not happen. It… Read More ›