Feed-forward networks and teleology

Bertrand Russell, in “History of Western Philosophy” pgg. 86-87, writes: The atomists, unlike Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, sought to explain the world without introducing the notion of purpose or final cause. The “final cause” of an occurrence is an event… Read More ›

Science Friction (1)

Mersenne numbers, when they are primes, are routinely used to feed MonteCarlo random number generation. They have the form: . Since not all of them are prime, we can use prime factorization of a sequence of big Mersenne numbers to… Read More ›

Theodicy 2.0

If someone is, like me, working all the time with RNGs and strives to produce MonteCarlo scenarios about events via computer simulations, he cannot help but thinking that different outcomes are due to different randomness structures (Sobol anyone?) In view… Read More ›