Theodicy 2.0

If someone is, like me, working all the time with RNGs and strives to produce MonteCarlo scenarios about events via computer simulations, he cannot help but thinking that different outcomes are due to different randomness structures (Sobol anyone?)
In view of Bostrom’s simulation argument, one cannot help but inferring that some of the troubles he may experience in life are due to the choice of the randomness generator that has been employed. Or maybe by a bug in the code of the simulation.

A better explanation of the Simulation Argument is here. This is theodicy in disguise.

Categories: Computing, Cosmos, Episteme

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  1. hey… have you seen a movie called Matrix? It is precisely about this. As per your remark on the bug in the software, it can be corrected – as long as one really wishes it! Otherwise there is acceptance. But acceptance is a form of choice… 😉


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