A trip to Georgia

Tbilisi – Georgia – sits quietly on a corner of the Caucasus, not Europe anymore, not Asia yet. The vast landscapes of solitude are beyond the barren mountains. Renaissance and Enlightenment are somehow on the other side of the Black Sea…. Read More ›

Existenzminimum in Hampstead

There was a time when Modernism‘s programmatic fracture with exhausted ways of building, dwelling, thinking was celebrated the world over. In architecture, official recognition started pouring in with the famous 1932 MOMA “International Style” exhibition (catalogue): honors followed on both sides… Read More ›


A stuffy atmosphere pervades Kingdom Hall, the suburban assembly point for the small community of Jehovah witnesses in the magnificent ‘Apostasy’ –  the debut film by Dan Kokotajlo. With skew face closeups reminiscent of Dreyer’s Johan of Arc, and a masterful… Read More ›

Su un treno italiano

Come si era potuti arrivare a tanto? pensavo mentre guardavo la ragazza. Sui trent’anni, rossa di capelli & ben piazzata, stava telefonando. Lei un controllore di biglietti su un treno regionale della tratta Roma-Firenze: telefonava ma nessuno rispondeva. Io in… Read More ›

Art in Fractured Times

In Madrid, at the Reina Sofia Museum of Contemporary Art, a special exhibition charts this year the artistic travail Picasso had to endure to realize Guernica for the World Exhibition held in Paris, 1937. Surely that was the most famous of… Read More ›

Pankaj: Age of Anger

In 1862, Dostoevsky visited London for the World Exhibition. The Crystal Palace transfixed his mind. He penned the following perceptive remarks: “You  sense that it would require great and everlasting spiritual denial and fortitude in order not to submit, not… Read More ›

Una nota di Pier Paolo Pasolini

Apparsa sul Il Reporter del 19 gennaio 1960, col titolo “La comicità di Sordi, gli stranieri non ridono”, questa interessante nota di Pier Paolo Pasolini sembra, al solito, capace di una penetrazione psicologica straordinaria. Riproduco qui sotto la nota per intero,  a… Read More ›