Stillness – “can art ever be more complete, more powerful?”

Just when one feels overwhelmed, the mind cannot stop wandering around, thinking becomes pointillist and will not rest. Here enters Mark Rothko.

Rothko_in_TateNo need for words. Just listen to the compelling message that Simon Schama attach to this one true piece of art, at Tate Modern London. Everything is washed away, all the noise melts into air. Inspirational

“Can anything be less cool than this room, in the heart of Tate Modern? Further away from the razzle-dazzle of contemporary art, the frantic hassle of now. This isn’t about now, this is about forever, this is a place where you come to sit in the low lights and feel the eons rolling by, to be taken towards the gates that open onto the thresholds of eternity, to feel a poignancy of our comings and our goings, our entrances and our exits, our births and our deaths. Womb, tomb and everything between. Can art ever be more complete, more powerful? I don’t think so.” (Schama)


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