Anthrax, strychnine and the fallacy of Antigone’s argument

One should feel grateful to Princeton molecular biology professor Lee Silver for this wonderful video, detailing the main points of friction between the full materialism of contemporary biology and the hidden resurgence of metaphysical thinking sub specie of the idea of “nature”.

The video is very inspirational, especially in this present time of engineering the human race. His passing remark about Reprogenetics is quite appropriate (see this MIT tech review sample). Since quite some time, the Italian Roberto Marchesini is advancing on a parallel front, trying to define the contours of a posthuman existence. See here.


The reference to Antigone in my title, much as in my other post, is then polemic: her “unwritten laws” are a mark of conservation, a sign of fear. The famous comment Heidegger gave to “The Ode of Man” must then be investigated in the same vein.

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